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PICP Project - Dunedin, FL

Hardscaping in Dunedin

Your house may seem like the epitome of avant-garde architecture, but a paltry garden would hardly complement it. Landscaping, putting retaining walls on awkward and useless slopes and erecting appropriate sculptures can turn your property into the neighborhood attraction overnight. For around 20 years, PaverCrafters Inc. has been making homes and commercial properties of Dunedin more beautiful. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, we have serviced many customers with requests of interlocking paving solutions.

Residential hardscaping

This mainly involves landscaping of gardens, which includes patio paving, restraining walls and building walkways and driveways. At PaverCrafters Inc., we prefer using interlocked brick paving for driveway and walkways because they are as hard-wearing as they are elegant. This interlocking of paving stones requires thinner channels of grout, thereby creating a seamless look. If you have an outdoor pool, we can erect a suitable deck to complement the style of the garden using geometrical or abstract shapes of wood or brick or cement. If you have an uneven landscape in the garden, we can install retaining walls to portion of the garden into segments. This allows you to make a separate flower bed or install a sculpture or birdbath.

Commercial hardscaping

Commercial hardscaping deals with installation of pavers on driveway and walkway of properties and putting retaining walls on uneven lawns. For commercial projects, we understand that minimalism is the key unless otherwise stated by the client. In some corporate buildings, pools are often installed so a fitting pool deck or pool side paving stone installation is due. Using brick pavers adds style and durability to the paving stones while concrete pavers are not used near pools as their porous structures absorb water to give rise to mildew growth. We source our brick pavers from the very best manufacturers in Florida.

Our previous projects in Dunedin

We have been trusted with the PICP project in Dunedin, Florida. It involved interlocking paving of driveways. We used the best quality pavers available locally to create almost a mosaic like design. The unique designs of the pavers created attractive patterns on the ground while directional symbols like arrows and stop signs were created with pavers as well. Small triangles were sealed off to preserve the trees growing in the middle of the driveway.

For a long time we have been crafting solutions for people looking to beautify their properties with artful pavers. We provide paving solutions to residents and property holders of Dunedin, Clearwater, Tampa and St. Petersburg. Throughout the designing and building process and post-construction maintenance, our customer care personnel will help you stay in touch with the project and have a say in the decisions. If you have an idea in mind and would like to run it by an expert, feel free to give us a call at 727-573-7883. To get a free quote from PaverCrafters, you can fill up and submit the online ‘Request Quote Form’ . You can also give us a visit to get a better look at samples of materials and services we provide.

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