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Alternative Segmental Paving

Alternate Segmental Paving, St Petersburg, FL There are many alternatives to concrete pavers, PaverCrafters, Inc also specializes in the following options which are prominently shown on our display:

Old Chicago Brick

How about options? Old Chicago Brick is a whimsical way to pave!
  • Driveways - Think cobblestone-like streets full of character, and you will understand the allure of using Old Chicago Brick for a driveway. This makes your driveway a beautiful conversation piece.
  • Pool Decks - Surround your aquatic area with Old Chicago Brick and your guests will be sure to notice. One of the characteristics of this material is the black specks that are interspersed throughout, making your project look unique and attractive.
  • Walkways - Think historical That is the real essence of an Old Chicago Brick walkway, which could lead to your pool. With so many of today's materials making homes look similar, it is refreshing to see selections that are so indicative of times past.

Exterior Tumbled Marble / Travertine

Add elegance to the facade of your home with this material, which exudes opulence. A wide variety of colors and blends are available for perusal. Increase the value of your home by choosing to have exterior tumbled marble installed.

Thin Pavers

The greatest advantage to thin pavers is that they can be installed on existing concrete and are available in nearly all of the shapes and colors of full size pavers. Thin pavers are widely used for pool deck renovations and to recover existing walkways and entryways.

Beware, too often, price-conscious shoppers mistake the lower cost of thin pavers to be for all uses. Thin Pavers are designed specifically for pedestrian traffic and are not suitable for vehicular or other heavy traffic.

Professional Alternative Segmental Paving

We stand out in the industry for our exclusive expertise in alternative segmental paving solutions, a rarity among hardscaping companies. Our extensive clientele across the region attests to our proficiency in catering to various projects, varying in scope, magnitude, and intricacies. From compact residential undertakings to expansive commercial ventures, we have adeptly handled projects of all shapes and sizes.

As a well-recognized name in this space, we have established trust among individual property owners, contractors, and landscapers. This trust is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch quality, unparalleled craftsmanship, and innovative solutions. Our proficiency in offering alternative segmental paving solutions has garnered recognition, positioning us as a go-to choice for those seeking specialized hardscaping options.

We can understand and fulfill the unique requirements of each client. Whether it's a homeowner looking to revamp their outdoor space or a contractor seeking distinctive solutions for a commercial project, we tailor our services to meet their precise needs. Our track record speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

We strive to surpass expectations, ensuring every project is executed flawlessly and resonates with our clients' visions. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results has solidified our reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of alternative segmental paving solutions, earning the trust and confidence of individual property owners and industry professionals.

Learn more about paving options by calling PaverCrafters, Inc. at 727-573-7883 or stop by to browse our extensive showroom.
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