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Residential Hardscape

Residential Hardscapes, St Petersburg, FL At PaverCrafters Inc we provide our clients with supreme residential hardscaping services. We understand that your home is a reflection of you and your personality and that is why we custom design every element we install. No matter how large or small your hardscape project may be; we are the right company for the job! Talk to one of our friendly team members today and we will set up a free consultation for you.

One of our professional hardscape contractors will come to your home and assess the project you have in mind. This may be a new paver patio, driveway, walkway, outdoor kitchen, retaining wall or perhaps a water feature? We offer our services throughout greater Clearwater and the surrounding region of Tampa, FL. With our many years of success in the hardscaping industry; you can rely on us to make your visions a reality!

Using Interlocking Brick Pavers

There is no doubt that the use of interlocking brick pavers for your patio, driveway, walkways, and sidewalk or pool deck is one of the best options you could make. Brick pavers offer style and elegance that will increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. They also offer extreme strength which will mean you also have a super strong and durable surface that will not only withstand all types of climates but will also stand the test of time!

And that is why it is a perfect paving material. It offers you all of those qualities and characteristics for your dollar. Along with the features just mentioned; brick pavers are also very easy to maintain and to repair. We recommend cleaning and sealing them at least every 2 years to give that new look and protect them from stains and damage. If you have some cracked or damaged pavers then it is as easy as pulling up the effected pavers and replacing them with new ones and you will have a ‘as new’ looking surface again!


Pavercrafters Inc. is a distinguished and trusted entity in the local residential hardscaping space. We understand the unique nuances that set residential projects apart from their commercial counterparts. In our approach to residential ventures, we recognize the intrinsic significance of catering to specific and individualized client requests. Each residential project is a canvas on which we aim to paint a personalized outdoor space that echoes the client's distinctive style and fulfills their specific needs and aspirations.

Our commitment to personalized service is a cornerstone of our operations. We pride ourselves on delving deep into our clients' visions, preferences, and functional requirements, ensuring that every element of their outdoor space resonates with their personality and lifestyle. This approach enables us to craft hardscaping solutions as unique as the individuals we serve. We prioritize a seamless and unobtrusive working process.

Our team's efficiency and expertise allow us to execute projects diligently and expediently without compromising on the quality of our workmanship. We value your time commitments and adhere diligently to the agreed-upon timelines, ensuring your project is completed within the specified timeframe. In essence, we pledge to go beyond creating outdoor spaces. We endeavor to infuse life into visions, sculpting residential hardscapes that elevate aesthetics and reflect the essence of our client's tastes, preferences, and functional necessities. Our steadfast promise to deliver an exceptional hardscaping experience tailored exclusively for our valued residential clients is our commitment to personalized service, efficiency, and meeting committed timelines.

Professional Paver Installers

We at PaverCrafters Inc are professional paver installers with all the knowledge and experience you need as well as the highest levels of craftsmanship in the region. You can’t go past our expertise and our attention to detail. Please take a look through our gallery to get an idea of the premium level of our installations. Contact us today and we will provide you with a free consultation for your next residential hardscaping project!

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